Time Management, Organisation and Holding yourself accountable…


  • Do you NEVER have enough hours in the day…?
  • Are you praying in the morning that you make it out the door without one of the kids (or you) ending up in tears?
  • Trying to work out how you can make the 2 pm meeting and still get home for school getting out…?
  • Wondering if you can wing that meeting without reading the report that was sent out to help you prepare?

You have found yourself trapped in a never ending hamster wheel of trouble, stress and anxiety. How the hell can you get out of it…?

Well for a start you are going to stop looking for someone else to fix the problem for you. You are going to accept that you and only you have the ability to change your life. You need to sort out your own direction…


Not your boss letting up.kai-pilger-395931-unsplash

or having more customers so you have more money.

Not having the kids behave better. Well that would help but again only you can make that happen. 

Even having more hours in the day will not help you until you learn to focus on the activities that really need your attention and investment!

Implementing real change in the way YOU operate is the only way you will ever make things change.

As they say…

‘Do what you have always done and you will get what you have always got…’

I am not a sugar coating type of girl. I am not here to tell you that it is nice that you are trying hard or that you are doing everything you can and you are a clever girl.

You need to accept that some of this stress and anxiety that you are feeling is your own doing.


I get this might not be what you wanted to hear but you do have to accept it. You have to know within yourself that what you are doing is not enough anymore to get you where you want to be.

No consultant will be there to hold your hand. Well some might but as soon as they let go you will be straight back into old habits. 

That is why I created my Individual Business blitz.

A complete business review programme for women ready to sort their own lives out.

Women who have accepted that managing their time, getting organised and holding themselves accountable is not what comes natural to them. They need someone to show them how to fill those gaps.

It is not always comfortable hearing that you are standing in your own way but if you do not accept it you will never move passed it.

It is by accepting our current position and how we got here that we are able to map out a road taking us where we want to go next. 

long road 2.jpg

As a business consultant I am not there to work with women in implementing pie in the sky, immeasurable and unsustainable changes.

I am there to develop the overarching business structures and strategies that will allow you to…

  • Invest time in activities that actually contribute to the productivity and profitability of your business.
  • Free up time encouraging you to do more of what you enjoy. (having time to yourself can be a REAL THING.)
  • Feel less stressed and instead more confident, productive, and in control of what you are doing with YOUR LIFE.

It won’t happen overnight but you need to start somewhere… If you don’t you’ll still be sat in the same place this time next year… I like where I am today. In fact I love where I am today but I have still got my eyes set on my next set of goals and I KNOW HOW I AM GETTING THERE…. Do you??

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