Blogs, and Facebook and Insta… OH MY!

Where do you even begin…

When you are advertising your business on the internet??

photo-1490380169520-0a4b88d52565The internet is mental…! It is frigging HUGE…! Literally where do you even start using the World Wide Web for your business? There are endless sites! There are so many different places for people to look! What software packages do you use…? Which conferencing bridges are best…? Where do you advertise…? How much do you spend to get yourself up and running…? Do you need to be on one social media platform? Do you have to be on them all…? Where the hell do you even start…?


photo 2-1468072263885-69f67a2f57b4I can’t even pretend that I don’t know where I am starting or where I am going. It makes me itch to think I’d have went into this business without a plan or that I was starting up a business where I didn’t know what I was doing. I am a bloody good Business Development Consultant and I know my job.

I can’t help it! and I’m not even trying to help it or apologise for it anymore! Organising and keeping my shit in order is my thing. meltdownIt helps keep me focused, and keeps my Zen in check, or at least it helps in stopping, (OK maybe not stopping), but certainly decreases the number of mini meltdowns I have when my head is working over drive trying to get everything done.

I have a detailed Business plan with dates, calendars and financial forecasts (budget v actual) until next fall. Pipeline project meetings going on, customer engagement meetings all over the diary and the date for my Facebook Group Page to go LIVE is set! I have a Marketing Plan and I  am starting to find my brand. It is so important to me that my brand is authentic to me and the people I am working with. I truly believe that my brand is me and the quality of the Business Overhauls I create and the feelings my customers have when working with me. It will evolve as I do.

Anyway I digress… or have I…?

I set out today to tell you what my missions and values were for my business… or at least that was the subject heading at the start of my notes page…

My mission is simple,

I implement practices that improve the profitability and operationally practices of a business. Streamlining and reducing repetition enabling Business Owners to focus where they should be. In the areas they most enjoy, in the most profitable way possible!

OK I’ll admit it is not particularly flashy, in fact it sounds almost dull now that I have written it down but I have never seen the point in dipping something in glitter to make it shine when I know the value is evident when it is put into practice.

A celestial sky that looks as though some pink stars are zooming past

Get your shit in order and watch your business flourish!  Always be thinking!


To achieve this I am focused on always staying true to my core values of unconventional BUT considered thinking,  daily action taking and striving for open accountability. 

I still can’t quite believe I have waited so long to do it! Business isn’t the only thing taking up my time right now and I can’t wait to update you in a few days when I finally have the nursery complete for my baby girl. It really is all go just now and I am loving it!!

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