The 1 reason I am choosing to work for myself… I WANT TOO!

Lets cut the bull… I want to work for myself!

I have been asked why… There is only one answer –  BECAUSE I WANT TOO!


Over the last 11 years I have been living in a corporate bubble working for one of the UKs leading engineering, IT and facilities service businesses. I have juggled this role with a family and everything that that entails… I have worked hard, constantly pushing the limits to earn the next promotion and step up the ladder, taking myself from an administration position to being responsible for the operational and commercial delivery of the Scottish Region of the IT Services division of the business.

Great. Well done me.

and I do say that with complete and utter sincerity! I am very pleased with myself for achieving all that I have in my career. The business was construction based, a hard nosed, take no shit, male dominated world and by all accounts I done well for myself in it. The only problem was, I was not happy.  I stopped enjoying it, I stopped loving my work, I stopped caring, and that killed me, I couldn’t keep doing something that I wasn’t truly and utterly passionate about.

I was working for a machine, a machine that lets be honest would get rid of me if they machinerequired a cut in the overhead. I’d burst my arse, putting in the hours, travelling, passing my kids from pillar to post, missing date nights to spend my time more often than not, dealing with shite that rolled down  (or up) hill to me for reasons or decisions that I couldn’t directly change myself.  It became hard to find enjoyment in what i was doing. There was red tape every where, a form to be filled out before you filled out the form that you actually needed, governance over where you were and how you were working. 7 people and 6 layers of management to sign off a simple task…

I decided enough was enough. I was done with it. I had to choose to get behind myself…

Now I didn’t come to this decision entirely on my own. No No No. I waited until I was on maternity leave. Maternity leave that followed sick leave after my beautiful daughter decided to assert herself from the get go… Now I am sure in one blog or another I will delve into the great story about my years of infertility and the career hungry rip roaring mess that that turned me into. About how it drove me on in my work and life in general. About how it directly or indirectly (I can never decide) brought me to where I am today, (blogging on a Friday afternoon in the garden building my own business)…  but I hear that blogs should be concise so those stories will have to find their way onto paper another day.


For now I just wanted to introduce myself to the world. I am LisaMarie Hamilton and I am a Business Development Consultant/Coach who works with a focus on organisation,  accountability and self driven delivery. I am experienced, capable and starting out on my own for no other reason than I WANT TOO!!

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