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You need skills and experience to build a business AND bring up a family


This exact skill set is what makes me, Lisa Hamilton the Independent Business Strategist and Accountability Mentor of choice for entrepreneurial women.

Here to support you in developing the Business Building Blocks behind your conceptual idea while maintaining balance in your family life.

With over a decade of experience in corporate construction and IT Services Project and Business Development Management, I took my consultancy business online and in profit within four months while my baby girl napped and my teenagers played football!

I will work with you to cultivate the skills you need to manage your time, and get appropriately organised both personally and professionally. Focusing your time and efforts in the most productive areas of your business.areas you are most passionate about.

Helping you hold yourself accountable for your progress and accurately forecasting the future investments that your business will require to return a sustainable profit.

We will work together to develop a customer engagement strategy that will not only improve how you connect with your current audience but give you a foundation to build a strong future pipeline of opportunities.

With a focus on five building blocks of business

You will take the steps forward to Join the Dots and ease your current juggling act, restoring a level of balance to your professional and personal life…

If you are ready to start creating long term sustainable change in your life click HERE NOW and schedule your first FREE consultation!


If you’d like to keep up with the work I am doing. Click HERE NOW and join my networking group TAILORING your TIME. The ULTIMATE group for UNRIVALLED support in Unconventional thinking!

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